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Tammy & Melanie had long careers helping a wide variety of clients, but they both felt that marketing services could be presented in a better way. Instead of following the old model of a commission-based agency, where the agency makes money based on how much you spend on advertising, they felt businesses needed an advocate who would take responsibility for more than media buying. Ultimately, they felt they should be a team member who is responsible for all aspects of marketing and analytics. So they went to market with a model providing full transparency to their clients by offering clearly defined fee-based services, with no contracts or commissions. Their goal is to help you put a marketing plan in motion and seeing it perform for you.

Tammy and Melanie are avid dog lovers and enjoy having their office dogs with them when they’re working together. They also both believe in giving to our community and encourage their clients to participate in local charitable events.

Tammy Morgan Morgan & Wilbourn LLC

Tammy Morgan

Marketing Specialist

Tammy Morgan has over 20 years experience in the marketing field. She has a BS in marketing and her MBA. Tammy has handled marketing for a large retail franchiser with multiple locations and a number of professional services providers. She also has vast experience in TV Production, Radio Production, Outdoor Advertising, Public Relations, and Digital Marketing. She believes every step you take should be intentional and part of your overall marketing plan. As she says, “It might be a great idea, but if it’s not a fit with the strategic plan, it’s not worth it.”

Melanie Wilbourn Morgan & Wilbourn LLC

Melanie Wilbourn

Marketing Specialist

Melanie Wilbourn has over 35 years experience in the marketing field. Her background includes serving as Sales Development Manager for BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Company where she was responsible for sales training and development for the nine state Southeast Region. For the last decade, she served as a Major Account Manager for North Alabama working with clients on their digital marketing plans. She loves to develop tag lines for clients and dive into the analytics of a client’s campaign to see what’s working best for them.

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